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We are dedicated to provide the best domestic and international specialty products through brands that sell. In order to do so, we filter what goes through our channels-inside and out. Our team spends considerable time researching the brands we choose to collaborate with and make sure that we adhere to the market trends.

In order to deliver the best products, we ensure to feature both established brands as well as emerging brands that carry premium products

Previ's specialty food catalog offers a variety of premium selections that will provide your business exclusivity and products that the market is searching for.

Digitally Conditioned Distribution Channel

Quality isn't just in our food but our delivery system as well. We have a digitally inclined ordering system that makes the entire delivery process simple and convenient.

Our distribution channel is committed to taking the right steps, pushing for a better and healthier environment just like our food. Going digital allows us to deliver your products while being responsible for the environment. We provide paperless catalogs and order forms, QR codes for payment and online receipts. Our major processes run digitally.

We are still building up to go as far as possible while being cautious of the carbon footprint we leave behind.

Specialty Delivery That Reaches the Right Place at the Right Time

We can maneuver through thin margins without compromising on efficiency. Punctuality is another key factor that makes us different. You can rely on us to deliver your products fresh and on time.

Aside from our smooth-running delivery system, our location in San Jose positions us at the perfect location to easily deliver products to our partners across the Bay Area.

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From the right brands, to connecting you with the right suppliers, and providing you hassle free solution, we take care of it all