Welcome to Previ

Distributing the best specialty food most conveniently.

The idea of Previ comes from the word privilege and the desire to create “privileged connections”. Our motive is to build connections throughout Northern California and offer those connections a privileged experience.

One of the most important privileges starts at the dinner table. We made it our objective to create easy access to quality food for people and businesses around the Bay Area.

Our mission is to foster connections all around and cultivate the culture of Previ by acting as a link between our partners and consumers. Previ is bringing premium food to a store near you.

What makes us different


Good Work

Quality service and punctuality are two terms we pride ourselves on.



We strive to grow by constantly learning and improving ourselves while always remaining humble.



We aim for a win-win partnership in all of our business relationships.



We hold ourselves accountable for the environment and attempt to fulfill our responsibility through sustainable business practices.


Young and Innovative

We understand the needs of the modern market and continuously work on implementing contemporary technologies to make life easier for our partners.


Value Our Customers

We prioritize client satisfaction through reliability and flexibility. Ensuring all our partners that we will be there whenever they need us.

Meet The Hugoo Brothers

Johan Hugoo

Co-Founder & Partnership Director

“Treat your business relationships like friendships”

For Johan, life is about expanding his horizon through learning
different cultures, meeting new people, and trying original food. Grew
up in France but spent most of life living across the world in various
countries throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, North America.

After gaining life and work experiences through his international
travels, he decided to come back and develop a family business in
California with his brother.

With an extensive background in the Hospitality, Food & Beverage,
and Marketing Industry, he has been blessed to be groomed and
surrounded by some of the best in the industry which is what he is
bringing to Previ today.

When Johan is not working, his main focus is to find time to have a
“great time with great people”. Maintaining the great relationships
established and constantly forging new ones over good food and

Jeremy Hugoo

Co-Founder & Operation Director

“Teamwork makes the dream work”

For Jeremy, life is about enjoying the little things in life.

Jeremy is the definition of helpful, honest and genuine. Always looking to find ways to help and support the people around him through his personal and professional life. Originally from France, he has now been living in California for over 15 years and very much in touch with the local community and its culture.

Amazing Service is what Jeremy stands for. With many years in the manufacturing logistic industry overlooking product coordination, he is bringing a lot of operation knowledge to Previ.

When Jeremy is not working, he spends his time with family, educating himself, and experiencing new foods that can be implemented to his life and business.